The Swiss mc medical center was founded on 1st October 1934 by Professor John Henry Oltramare, surgeon, and Dr. Pierre-Henri Jacquet, a specialist of internal medicine. The founding of the Permanence was driven by the industrial development of the Canton of Geneva.

Shortcomings were determined in the way the increasing number of work-related accidents were being dealt with. At the time the Cantonal Hospital was the only unit providing accident & emergency services in the canton of Geneva. From the time of its opening the medical center quickly became a success, due to the demand of the local population and providing key health services as well as convenient schedules. It was the first establishment of its kind in Switzerland to remain open7/7 for 365 days a year and treated, even then, up to 250 patients daily.

On 15 July 1978, the medical center moves to its new site at 21 Rue de Chantepoulet in a new building, equipped to fully reflect its needs. Changes in the population and sociological changes in the late 1970s resulted in an altered role for the medical center. It now focused less on the declining number of work-related accidents and the increased emergence of illnesses and disease amongst the population it serves. Additionally, at the end of this decade, the Cantonal Hospital inaugurates a modern and enlarged emergency department, increasing its capacity to deal with A&E cases. In 1986 a radiology department is inaugurated under the responsibility of Mr. Mihai Georgescu.

The medical center also opens the doors to a new physiotherapy department. In 2003, upon expiry of the lease at 21 Rue de Chantepoulet, the Permanence moved into its current premises at 1-3 and 5 Rue de Chantepoulet. In the same year, Dr Michael Schroeder becomes chairman of the management board of the Permanence.

In 2006 the medical center undergoes a quality review and embarks on a path to achieve ISO9001 certification, a goal which is reached in 2009. From October 2007, Dr Katrin Schroeder becomes a director of the center and ad interim CEO. In May 2009 Francois Brot becomes Directeur and CEO of the medical center with Dr Katrin Schroeder becoming President of the Board. At this point the medical center has fifty members of staff and a dozen medical specialities are offered.

The Swiss mc medical center continues to develop a number of important projects to better serve the needs and requirements of the Geneva population, be they resident or visiting. The values of the medical center are based on a long-lasting tradition and form part of a philosophy of care: “Attending the needs of the patient, respecting the patient, working competently and safely”


We are recognized both under Geneva and Swiss law as a health care provider and health institution


Our values are founded on a long-lasting tradition and form part of our philosophy of care: Listen, availability and respecting.


We welcome and treat every patient, without restriction or prejudice, with whatever illness, ailment or injury


Achieve positive therapy results for our patients, on the basis of recognized operational practices and management.

Efficient organization

We are organized in a fashion to ensure a response that is both rapid and in conformity of quality standards

Our priority

Our priority is your health. More than 80 years of experience serving your health and a completely modernized infrastructure.