Technical infrastructure

The Swiss mc – Medical center has a fully equipped diagnostic and therapeutic center, which has a highly developed infrastructure including among other things radiology, laboratory, ECG, spirometry and ergometry.

The existing body of physicians, both generalists and specialists, already covers the main disciplines and offer a variety of medical services in emergency care, long-term primary medical care and prevention. Our patient population is made up of the Geneva population, tourists from all around the world and diplomats of Geneva-based international organizations.

Our institution meets the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. The organizational structure of the Swiss mc medical center ensures minimal patient waiting times and an effective treatment that is performed according to exacting quality standards.

The business model of the medical center with its doctors is a revenue sharing model. The medical center provides its doctors with fundamental working facilities comprising the undertaking of capital-intensive investments, providing the basic structures resulting from these investments to third parties and the acquisition of the associated economic risk.

The medical center is funded through a percentage participation of the revenues of the doctors. This percentage participation is adjusted to the use of the services by the individual physicians, which are offered by the Swiss mc medical center.

Technical infrastructure

Center with full diagnostic radiology, laboratory, ECG, spirometer, ergometer, etc..
. Technical platform equipped for emergency care.
. Latest generation of equipment to perform cardiac assessments, examinations and preventive oncology check-up complete.


We are recognized both under Geneva and Swiss law as a health care provider and health institution


Our values are founded on a long-lasting tradition and form part of our philosophy of care: Listen, availability and respecting.


We welcome and treat every patient, without restriction or prejudice, with whatever illness, ailment or injury


Achieve positive therapy results for our patients, on the basis of recognized operational practices and management.

Efficient organization

We are organized in a fashion to ensure a response that is both rapid and in conformity of quality standards

Our priority

Our priority is your health. More than 80 years of experience serving your health and a completely modernized infrastructure.